Metal LevTamp Handles Update

Aluminum handles for LevTamps are being finished and are expected to be back on 7/13. Once I receive them all outstanding orders for LevTamps with aluminum handles will ship. I’m sorry that this is taking bit longer than expected. Denis

Production Run Finished

Last production run that started back in November 2016 is finally wrapped up. Later than expected but unfortunately that is nature of making things. Looks like next run should be in better shape time wise 🙂 Thank you everyone for your patience and I hope you love grinders as much as I do.

Production Update 7-25

First Monolith Conical from second production batch has shipped. Today we’ll ship second and then third and fourth. The rest of the parts that we had to remake should be done on 29th, its the word from the finishers. Then assembly/testing and shipping will continue. Today the burr chambers for Monolith Flat are going for …

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Production Update July 13th

And there is good news too, we got today the funnels and they came out beautiful (all of them), its exactly the finish I want and I can’t help it, but I have to push as hard as I can to get this consistently:

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