Production Update August 1st

So today’s update is one with good and bad news. I will lead with bad… We have to remake the funnels for Monolith Flat. They came back from finishing, they are beautiful but out of the spec. about 0.7mm too small diameter wise. I just can’t let them out this way, they have to be made right. So I requested that they be remade to my original specs. Materials for them will be in on Wednesday and hopefully by Friday they can be machined and go out for finishing. I really hate to remake parts because of the waste, but they have to be made to my specifications or I just can’t accept them. I just can’t let critical things slide. So this will set us back for about 2 weeks on Monolith Flat. I am sorry everyone, but I promised quality comes first and I mean it. Here is how they look like:


Onto the good news 🙂 Grind chambers for Monolith Conical that we had to remake due to damage during finishing are back and they are perfectly finished. No damage this time so process of how they are packed and everything else seems to be working. Monolith Conical grinders are being assembled, tested and shipped. One by one, in order they were originally pre-ordered. Today’s shipment went to Switzerland 🙂

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