Here are the links to latest manual and tips and tricks for your Monolith grinder:

Monolith Conical manual.
Monolith Flat manual.
Monolith MAX manual.

Getting Most Out Of Your Monolith Grinder.

About MAX and Monolith Flat

Monolith MAX and Flat with Shuriken burrs are pre-seasoned by us before they are coated so you do not need to run tens of pounds of coffee to season the burrs. You can use grinder right out of the box, but if you wish to run some coffee 1-3 pounds of coffee is enough to get you started and smooth out the coating applied to the burrs.

If your grinder is not grinding upon starting the motor, flip the motor direction switch on the side panel since this might get moved during cleaning and packaging. See manual below for the switch location. If motor is not spinning at all, flip the side controller switch from Stand By to Run.

As the burrs complete seasoning which results from coating process for the burrs, you will have to grind finer than you did at the start. That is totally normal and expected. Shuriken burrs are designed to grind close the burr touch.

About Monolith Conical

Monolith Conical with Mazzer burrs can be also used right out of the box, however to fully season burrs 5-10 lbs of coffee through the burrs is needed. Exact amount varies from the burr to burr and it could be up to 25lbs especially with Alpha coated burrs. Seasoning coffee should be ground at #9 on grind scale. Grind about 300-400g of coffee at the time then rest the motor for 20-30 minutes and repeat. As burrs season you will see you have to grind finer and finer for same coffee/dose/flow. This is normal and expected and indicates that seasoning is progressing. Movement of half a funnel turn or more to finer side is possible, particularly for TiN coated burrs. Its normal and expected.

About Test Report

We made a few shots to dial-in and test your Monolith and have included in the box report measurements for a typical shot. Test report specifies the grind setting used in case this gets moved as the grinder is packaged and taken out of the box. You will have to grind a bit finer or coarser depending on the pressure profile of your machine, basket used, roast level, dose (amount of coffee used) and age of coffee. This is totally normal and expected. Dial grinder in for your machine, coffee and basket. Do not get stuck on what we were using for testing trying to reproduce it. Our test is fairly extreme and is designed to push grinder to the limits.
Please also note that extraction yield shown on the report is influenced by many factors and is very sensitive to distribution of coffee in the basket as well as burr seasoning, grind fineness, volume of espresso made, hardness of water and roast quality of coffee itself. In our tests we do not strive to maximize extraction yield, but to verify that the grinder functions at a high level we expect it to.

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