Monolith Titan Conical Espresso Grinder

Here is Monolith, a titan conical strictly single dosing espresso grinder, designed and built in Seattle, USA. Monolith Conical (MC4) is completely original design, first dual-conical burr espresso grinder in the world. An espresso grinder boiled down to the essence. The end-game grinder. Built to last.

  • Dual-conical burrs, first in the world. 71mm “pancake” burrs designed and made in house for coarse pre-grind stage and 71mm Conical Burrs for fine second grinding stage (Mazzer 186c) rated conservatively for ~1700lbs (771kg)  of coffee run through
  • Minimal retention inside of grinder
  • Precise, step-less grind fineness adjustment, grind as coarse or as fine as you need and return precisely to previous grind setting. Our customers report great results with pour-over use as well.
  • Magnetically attached extremely short exit chute
  • Low running speed at 120 RPM’s. Grinds coffee evenly with minimum heating, motor rated for 10,000 hours
  • Precisely aligned with premium Made in USA SKF over-spec bearings
  • Simple design for long term durability
  • Easy to clean inside of grinder without losing your grind setting
  • No complex electronics components to fail, there is capacitor and wiring and that’s it!
  • Only made in small batches with each grinder individually taste tested then measured with refractometer so it never ships to you unless it can extract espresso well. Extraction report is made and provided with each grinder. This is not nor it will ever be mass produced item.
  • Made in USA, all grinder parts are designed, made and finished in USA.
  • Monolith base is 8×6″ (204x153mm) and ~14.5″ (~370mm) tall.
  • Funnel holds about 40g of medium roasted beans.
  • Available in 110-127V 50/60Hz and 220-240v 50/60hz versions.

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What is included with Each grinder?

  • Monolith 71mm Titan Conical Grinder with Mazzer 186c burrs
  • 110V power cable. We use standard PC power outlet (IEC320C13) so if you are ordering Monolith in configuration other than 110V you will have to source the cable locally.
  • WDT tool to aid distribution of coffee in basket
  • RDT spray bottle, in case you want to neutralize static by spraying beans with water mist
  • Tall wide mouth dosing funnel for 58mm baskets.
  • Mr Puff
  • 12 months non-commercial use warranty

Monolith Conical is $2150 + actual shipping cost. For photos of optional wood top caps see here.

How is Monolith built and tested?

Each Monolith grinder is precision CNC machined in Seattle, USA to tolerances of 10 microns or less. Great burr alignment is critical to great espresso extractions so we use tight tolerances on critical parts. Each grinder is then hand built and most importantly hand tested. If there are any problems with parts during assembly they are rejected. Then each Monolith is not only tested that it runs and can grind coffee, but we make espresso by dialing in, by taste, our benchmark coffee (Vivace Dolce) that we are super familiar with on Synesso Hydra, Slayer or Londinium 1, then we compare those espresso shots to the shots made with our reference Monolith. If we are happy with how espresso tastes, we measure the extraction yields using refractometer and compare those also to our reference Monolith. If either one of these things fail or we are not happy with it, the grinder will not ship to you. Any more questions, please contact us.

How is grind fineness adjusted?

Turning the funnel is all its needed to adjust fineness. No locking required. Adjustment is completely step-less.

What using Monolith Conical looks like?

Here is video of short espresso preparation routine using Monolith Conical grinder. In this video no RDT (misting of beans with water to dissipate static electricity) or WDT (stirring ground coffee to improve distribution) was used. This is just an example of what is possible and shot made tasted great. We still recommend using at least WDT to aid in consistency and ensure that most shots you make will have good distribution and flow. Your results will vary depending on coffee, humidity, burrs and burr wear and fickle mood of espresso gods 🙂 .