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Bellissimo is a tamper that we designed from ground up using refractometer to measure extraction yield. The goal was to create tamper to maximize extraction yield. While testing different tamper shapes and sizes we noticed couple of things. Tamper outer edge seems to influence extraction yield. Sharp edge extracts better than rounded edge. We can’t claim to know exactly why this is, but we speculate that rounded edge does not press coffee in the basket corner which leads to water favoring the edges slightly and flowing more on the edges thus not extracting evenly.

We also noticed that flat tamper base extracts slightly better than convex base. Again, we don’t know why this is, its just something we observed. While convex base makes it easier to create better looking bottomless portafilter extractions, the extraction yield is about 0.2%-1% less than flat based tamper.

So our tamper has sharp edge, flat base and its close fitting to VST and other standard 58mm baskets so the coffee in the basket edges get pressed evenly as well.

When you make tamper that is close fitting to the basket there is a risk of it sticking on pull out after the tamp due to coffee particles getting between basket and tamper wall. Our tampers get slight bevel on the base side to help prevent sticking on pull out.

To help with the level tamping we also added the sight line so you can line it visually with your basket top edge and ensure level tamp.

We also like weight in our tampers so the base is tall stainless steel base. Our tamper clocks at about 440g of weight depending on wood used for handle. That’s almost a pound of weight in tamper! It feels great in the hand and its a quality tool.

We make couple of different handle shapes for our tampers. We make “single-origin” handles, made from a one type of wood, and we make mixed wood handles where we combine up to 3 different types of wood to create fantastic looking handles. We use both exotic and domestic wood of only the highest quality. Often its instrument grade wood.

All our tampers areĀ hand made one by one. This is not mass produced product. The bases are made in our local machine shop and we make and finish wood handles by hand. All done in Seattle, USA.

To purchase one of our tampers, please see available stock in our online store. We can make you also custom handles, including portafilter handles with your choice of wood. Please get in touch and we can discuss your needs.