Production Update – July 1st

We are in final stretch of Monolith Conical production. Just got word back from finishers that parts for Conical Monoliths should be back on July 8th. Knowing finishers, I’d be happy if they come back week later looking great. Fingers crossed. Once we get these the assembly/testing and shipment will begin.

We have received all bases machined and finished for Monolith Flat burr grinders. Critical parts are still being machined and they should be finished by end of next week hopefully. Then they also go out for anodizing finishing which should take another 2 weeks. After that we’ll start assembly/testing/shipping of Flat Monoliths as well…

Thank you everyone for your patience. To ease your pain, and mine, here is moi working hard on “testing” my conical Monolith grinder, its hard work, but somebody’s got to do it:

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