Shakman Agreement

The content of this site is limited to issues related to our work with the Cook County Bureau of Assessors. You can also find information on the Assessor website. If you are looking for information about a shakman compliance administrator for another public institution in Cook County, please visit or In 1969, a civil action by the Confederation entitled Michael L. Shakman, et al. vs. Democratic Organization of Cook County, et al., was filed in 1969 by a group of plaintiffs against several defendants, including the Cook County Assessor`s Office( In 1972, the Evaluation Board passed an approval order prohibiting, among other things, the Evaluator`s Office from “conditioning, creating or altering a notion or aspect of the government`s work with respect to a government official at that time, on or for any reason or political factor.” On February 1, 1995, a subsequent approval decision was made, extending these prohibitions to the hiring practices of the assessor with certain exclusions. These agreements have become collectively known as “shakman decrees.” The Federal District Court for the Northern District of Illinois retained responsibility for the case and has the power to enforce the Shakman decrees. On September 19, 2012, Justice Sidney Schenkier, with the consent of the assessor and the complainants, issued an agreed order for the Cook County Office of Occupants (“Agreed Order”). The purpose of the regulation is to ensure that the Evaluators` Office makes all decisions regarding employment measures involving non-Shakman workers on the basis of their merits and not for political reasons or factors. In accordance with the agreed order, Justice Schenkier appointed the Honourable Clifford L. Meacham (ret.) Director of Compliance of Assessor (ACA). The ACA`s mission is to study practices, employment policies and procedures, follow effective recruitment processes, assist in the development of a new employment plan, assist in the implementation of a new training program for senior and staff training on apolitical recruitment practices, make recommendations to the Court of Justice to resolve issues relating to Shakman`s exempt positions , monitoring compliance with the provisions, deciding on applications before the agreement, monitoring complaints under the agreement.

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