Sap Rebate Agreement Status B

You can set the following data in a discount agreement: I drew the final tally of an agreement, then I found that it was wrong, so I cancelled the credit and I refused the credit requirement. In the following steps, the flow of the SAP delivery process is explained: If you finalize the final compensation before the end of the validity period, the agreement moves to status D and prevents further delineating the discount between the billing date and the end of the validity period. If the compensation is cancelled…. Now there`s a big question. What do you mean by cancelling the final count? Does this mean a reversal of the credit memo? If you do, the compensation funds are cancelled in both FI and SD, but the status of the agreement remains the D. CreditMemo`s initial request remains valid and you can change the amount of the payment the most. It is not possible to change the decanted delimitation. However, if you update VBOF, the result is an update of the reduction limits between the date of the final settlement and the end of the validity period. However, this additional delimitation is NOT updated in the CreditMemo requirement that has already been created.

When you re-develop the credit, you will receive a pending demarcation balance in FI and SD. z.B. Validity: 1/1/2010 to 31.12.2010 Settlement date: 31.10.2010Accrl until 31.10.2010 – 1 DOLLARS Paid – 15,000 $Accrl Revsd – 15000CR Memo Revsd on 01.01.2011Open Accrl – 15,000 $Run OF, VBOF, addl Accrl – $3000Payment Office Modified in `18000Current Open Accrl `18000Credit memo created Amount Paid – `18000Accrl Reversed – `15000 (NOTE THIS)Remaining Open Accrl – `3000Issue is the Agreement is in Status D and there is no other that can accse from VBO. A control test should be run to get additional credit after the final count with vb (7). The remaining balance of the open limit is cancelled and you must manually remove the proposed payment amount, if it exists. If the cancellation is made by removing the credit requirement while the agreement is located in Status C (which reduces the status to B), updates must be made based on the date or time of the initial final count of invoices made after that date/time until the end of validity date. You can run VBOF and then create a new billing. I believe that the agreement will continue if the status of the agreement is B. 1. Create a condition by copying a standard condition like BO03 in V/06 2. Include this condition in the std pricing procedure with the Acct key as an ERB and the URE nuourale key – V/08 3.Create a discount agreement in VBO1 (It`s O-owl and not Zero). No is generated select 003 – Debtor discounts, enter the debit code, validity and check according to the status must be opened, click on the conditions enter the percentage and the amount delimiting.

You can also have ladders in this one. In addition, you must maintain the material for billing 4. Create an order for this debitor, and check the discount agreement. 5. You can see the discount condition only in the invoice. 6. Once you have booked the invoices, go to the agrrement discount No. Click on the order and the details of the order are displayed. 7. For compensation, change the status of the B-return – Release for compensation. 8. Credit request is generated b copy of the number and go to VA02, remove blocks, if it exists, and create an invoice (credit).

This indicates u the amount of the limit.

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