In Agreement Suomeksi

Reducing exposure increased rate of abacus abacus frequency of abortion; Abortion rate Abortion rate in case of abortion rates; Abortion Number Absolute Effect Absolute EffectAumeration rate (1) Absolute density; (2) Absolute prevalence; Etc. (see rate) Absolute risk Absolute riskSeevation of risk Increase absolute risk-weighted risk (see IAS 19, Absolute risk). Risk Difference) Absolute Risk Reduction (ARR) Absolute risk vhenem (see risk difference) Acceptable risk Hyvksyttv risk Sampling acceptance Accident Hyvksymisotante; Accident (no vein) relevance accuracy; Inadstracy; Accuracy Validity (measure t. classification) Active life expectancy Active life expectancy; Active Life ExpectancyDays of Daily Life (ADL) Daily Function Scale; ADL scale MethodsCual Methods actuarial Rates actuarial density actuarial density; actuarial poets; Calculated actuarial method Density coefficients Actuarial table actuarial table; The method of the actuarie establishes tableAcute killinen; Adaptation of acute adaptation Adaptation Adaptation Adaptation Adaptation AdaptationAdditive modell Additive modelAdherence Compliance (z.B. Care instructions) Adaptation correction; Correction; default adjustment, direct direct correction; Direct StandardizationAdaptation, indirect repair of Epsuora; Epsuora standarding Adverse effects Adverse effectsAetiological (al) causal; The reasons are the reasons; Etiology (see Etiologic (al), etc.) Etiology (see etiology)Age at Death KuolinikD depend-period-cohorts Analysis of ik-time cohorts-analysis of the Depend-sex pyramid ik-gender-pyramid cohort specific to the age I`mtic; Ikryhmitische Alters normalization IkvakiointiAgent (disease) pathogen (disease); Risk technology (disease) aggregation disease ecological bias; Aggregations-Bias Population Ageing Vestn ikntyty Agreement Connectivity (various measures and classifications) Airborne infection infectionAllocation bias Group bias bias distribution; Concealment of group allocation; Camouflage allokaation errorAlpha alpha error; Type I error; Hylkingerhe alpha level; Statistical Size Trial Alternative Hypothese Alternative Hypothese Analysis of Variance Analysis Analytical Epidemiology Analytical Epidemiology Analytical Study Anecdotal Study Anecdotal Research Anecdotal Evidence Life Cycle ModelHerit (see person time-time)Anti-effect antagonism; AntagonismApgar score Apgar-pistemApplied epidemiology Applied epidemiology; Applied EpidemiologyArea Sampling RegionalotaArithmetic mean Arithmetic mean Arm (of a trial) Koehaara; Test line Armitage-Doll model Armitagen-Doll modellAscertainly Jljitys Feelings (selection of cases t. choice of material on the basis of a characteristic or termination) Victory distortion Soything Bias (sampling bias related to the acquisition of material on the basis of a characteristic or a statement) Association Contact; DependencyAssociation, asymmetric episymetric association t. addiction association, direct connection t. dependence; Link Vlit t. dependency, indirect link Epsuora t.dependency; Connection of vlillin t.

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