Film Wedding Agreement Tentang Apa

The story that Mia Chuz tells in this film is different from the idyll in general, which only emphasizes romanticism. Wedding Agreement not only talks about the romanticism of two people, but also about how a woman is dedicated to her husband and contains very significant religious values. The film tells the story of Bian (Refal Hady), who is ready to meet Tari (Indah Permatasari) to make her mother happy while she has been in a relationship for five years with his mistress Sarah (Aghniny Haque). And the strength of Tari`s determination to maintain this marriage while conquering sarah`s heart of Bian. The film was premiered on August 8, 2019. [1] The house wonders about Tari`s life, then talks about her and Pakde, who were also married because they were married. In the past, the house felt as bad in marriage, but fortunately pakde always patient with him until Bude fell in love. Then Pakde talks about Tari, who is not his son of Bian. Tari`s parents are dead and pakde is grateful that it doesn`t seem wrong to choose a son-in-law like Bian. When Tari is in the room, she looks clumsy and confused whether she wants to take off her veil or not, but also to reconsider her intentions. After sleeping after watching Bian, Bian`s replacement opens his eyes and looks at Tari. At dawn, Tari wakes Bian to go to the mosque with Pakde. Bian was unhappy when Aldi came to deliver goods home.

She and Tari argue a little, but when they go to the movies with Ami, Bian invites them “well” by watching a movie together at home. It`s better #dirumahaja hahaha. In the film, there is a kissing scene that makes Tari embarrassing and until she closes her eyes with her hands. From there, Bian finally understood Tari`s innocence, especially since she had been wearing the hijab for a long time. Then Bian lured her into the room. The film scene ends with a wedding scene from Aldi and De Sarah. Wedding Agreement is an Indonesian feature film by Starvision Plus from 2019, based on the novel of the same name by Eria Chuzaimiah aka Mia Chuz. The marriage agreement tells of the marriage between Tari and Bian, who married because they were married. Bian marries by force because he wants to make his sick mother happy while Tari sincerely marries her. On the first day they live in the house, Bian Tari gives a piece of marriage contract that they will be separated within a year. In addition, Bian is also in a relationship with another woman, Sarah. Of course, this act hurts Tari as a woman.

Mia Chuz makes wedding viewers angry with Sarah`s presence as Bian`s mistress. Although Bian is married, Bian and Sarah remain in a relationship because Bian marries a woman he doesn`t like while Sarah is the woman of his dreams. When I watch the movie Wedding Agreement (2019), I really watched it. Not because unyu ala-ala drakor Full House or Princess Hours if so. No no. I feel like I want to be the nonjok Bian. It`s true. The film, titled Wedding Agreement, is a film adapted according to the novel by mia chuz.

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