Esl Library Subject Verb Agreement

In this lesson, students discuss the basic rules for matching matter and verb with individual and non-counting names. This lesson also describes many frequent exceptions. “Multi-modal” – provides information in many ways (see, listen or do) These online lessons promote learning in different ways, because people have preferred methods of learning and processing information. Click on the tabs above to go to one of the SoftChalk lessons. They can be filled in any order. Be patient – they may take a few minutes to charge. 1. Identification of parts of language 2. Simple Tenses – Progressives 3. Word-subject contract 4. Nomène – Article 5. Parallel structure 6. Introduce perfect verbs 7.

Future Tense 8. Tense Review/Preview 9. Pronouns 10. Modal Auxiliary Verbs This collection of English-language lessons has been designed to provide grammar support to all levels of non-parents of English. Note: This lesson was previously called “Subverse agreement 2.” For non-English natives, EAP/ESL students Each lesson contains reading, video or audio texts for reading and listening, as well as practical and interactive activities (sorting, drawing and sewering, matching, quiz, etc.) to verify and reinforce concepts for all types of learners. This manual contains 10 English grammar lessons that can be completed in any order. “Auto-paced” lessons – you work at your own pace (speed).

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