Dapa Distribution And Pricing Agreement

A Prime Vendor is a distributor of brand-specific medicines and medical consumables that are usually delivered for next-day delivery to DoD medical treatment facilities (and other Federally funded facilities) that are customers of the medical/surgical premium seller of ALD. In the program, DLA provides prices for items that can be charged to customers. The Prime Vendors are compensated by the payment of a sales fee which represents a contractual percentage of the price of the items delivered. Prices are set independently of Prime Vendors. directly with manufacturers and suppliers via a price instrument called DAPA – a distribution and price agreement. For more details on DAPA, download the DLA publication “DAPAs Made Easy” here: DAPAs Made Easy. (1) It is not possible to obtain an agreement on the forward pricing rate (FPRA) or a price recommendation (RRPF), due to uncertainties that have significant consequences, for example.B. (3) If the eventuality is such that their effect on prices cannot be to a large extent or if the initial price negotiations did not include cost or price data, the re-entry may provide that the parties enter into negotiations with loyalty and a termination option within a number of days of receiving written notification from one of the parties in the event of non-agreement. 2.

Contract management and contract review or contract review staff within the contracting organization must carry out contractual checks on sellers` compliance with contractual non-price conditions at least twice a year. A copy of the report is made available to the contract agent for the necessary review and verification and arrival and is added to the contract file. “National Price Fixing Convention (NAPA) “, an agreement with a manufacturer or supplier that grants conditions on a national basis. Custom logistics support contracts require contractors to pass these savings on to the end customer. WASHINGTON, DC- (Marketwired – May 27, 2015) – THE U.S. Federal Contractors` REGISTRATION encourages companies to register for DAPA registration to sell pharmaceutical and medical products to contract agents at DLA Troop Support.

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